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Successful Selling through Staging your home by Home Transformations by Terri

We know it is challenging to sell your home in today’s market. Buyers these days are cautious and very discriminating. They are in no rush to make a decision with the large inventory of homes for sale. But we can help. Statistics show that one of the easiest ways to get the best results in the process of selling your home is through home staging; an interior decorating technique for making the most of your home's attributes.  Home staging is one of the hottest trends in home selling and gives the seller an advantage over non-staged homes.  In today’s competitive market it is essential for sellers to use every tool available to be competitive.  Sellers need to make their homes “stand out” from other comparables. 

Home Transformations by Terri can help:  

We offer a service of home staging and redesign.  We can transform your house by making it more appealing to a potential buyer. The current data clearly shows home staging has been known to boost home sales prices, as well as shorten the time on the market.  In fact new homebuilders have been using this technique for years by showing off features with furnishings in their model homes.


Before you list your home for sale:

We all know how important it is to de-clutter and make your home sparkle before putting your home on the market.  Repairs and maintenance such as fixing leaky sinks, and repairing cracks in the walls are essential. It is important not to forget curb appeal by making sure the outside looks neat and inviting. If needed we can help coordinate people to help with these efforts also.

Getting Started:

Our initial consultation will consist of walking through your home room to room. There will be a standard consultation fee. We will develop a plan within your budget to transform your property into a home that will appeal to the majority of buyers. Combining our marketing, real estate and design knowledge you will learn new perspectives on what buyers are looking for and what gets them motivated to buy.  How your home is furnished and the traffic flow gives a direct message to potential buyers. They typically consider very quickly if the home is a contender or not.  Don’t forget buyers will be comparing your home to the others in your area and will be able to assess its value by doing so.

It will depend on your choice and budget on how much or how little we do.  If you need help with cleaning and organizing before the staging we can help with that also. 

By positioning your furniture and giving decorative touches, your home will be more appealing to even the most discriminating buyer. On many occasions repurposing furniture and accessories will be part of the solution.  Home transformations by Terri will help make your home unforgettable beginning at the curb and will continue throughout your house.    

*Paint:  We can help with color choices that will appeal to a wide base of homebuyers.

*Landscaping: We can offer suggestions on giving your home more curb appeal through minor or major landscaping. 

*Updating: Adding new interior fixtures and hardware will give your home a more modern look.

*Accessories can be added or re-purposed to give an elegant or warmer feeling to the home. We take great care with accenting your furniture and walls with interesting artful pieces.  As we call it home jewelry!

Let’s get started!





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